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NFIB Endorses Chuck Martin for State House

31 legislative candidates win major endorsement from NFIB/Georgia 
Small business owners support candidates who support them

ATLANTA, Oct. 15, 2008 — The National Federation of Independent Business, Georgia’s leading small business association, has endorsed 31 candidates for re-election to the General Assembly. The endorsements were made by NFIB/Georgia SAFE (Save America’s Free Enterprise) Trust, which is comprised exclusively of NFIB members.

“Small business is the cornerstone of Georgia’s economy, and it’s important that we have a General Assembly that supports free enterprise,” said David Raynor, state director of NFIB/Georgia.

The endorsements:

Ronnie Chance (District 16)
John Douglas (District 17)
Chip Rogers (District 21)
Mitch Seabaugh (District 28)
Seth Harp (District 29)
Bill Hamrick (District 30)
Bill Heath (District 31)
Judson Hill (District 32)
Ralph Hudgens (District 47)
Jeff Mullis, (District 53)
Dan Moody (District 56)

Martin Scott (District 2)
Charles Jenkins (District 8)
Katie Dempsey (District 13)
Barry Loudermilk (District 14)
James Mills (District 25)
Ed Setzler (District 35)
Matt Dollar (District 45)
Chuck Martin (District 47)
Billy Horne (District 71)
Fran Millar (District 79)
Jill Chambers (District 81)
David Casas (District 103)
Melvin Everson (District 106)
David Knight (District 126)
Carl Von Epps (District 128)
Allen Freeman (District 140)
Austin Scott (District 153)
Butch Parrish (District 156)
Mark Hatfield (District 177)
Jerry Keen (District 179)

“The National Federation of Independent Business is the voice of small business in Atlanta, and these candidates listen to what our members have to say,” Raynor said. “They support improved access to affordable healthcare and believe in better fiscal responsibility, a sensible workers’ compensation system and putting an end to excessive regulation that hurts the ability of small businesses to grow and create jobs.”

NFIB’s endorsement is important to the candidates’ campaigns. Small business owners and their employees vote in large numbers and recruit friends and family members to go to the polls. NFIB/Georgia has pledged to activate its grassroots network on behalf of these candidates. NFIB’s political support is based on the candidates’ positions and records on small business issues. 

NFIB is the nation’s leading small business association, with offices in Washington, D.C. and all 50 state capitals. Founded in 1943 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, NFIB gives small- and independent-business owners a voice in shaping the public policy issues that affect their business. NFIB’s powerful network of grassroots activists sends its views directly to state and federal lawmakers through our unique member-only ballot, thus playing a critical role in supporting America’s free enterprise system. NFIB’s mission is to promote and protect the right of our members to own, operate and grow their businesses. More information about NFIB is available online at www.NFIB.com/newsroom. 


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