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Session's Crossover Day Fast Approaching

GPB News
By Edgar Treiguts

ATLANTA   ?   
Lawmakers flood the state Capitol's halls for Day-29 of the General Assembly session Monday. (GPB file photo)
Lawmakers will be especially busy during Monday's scheduled Day-29 of the 40 day General Assembly calendar, as Crossover Day approaches. Wednesday is the last day a piece of legislation has to pass at least one chamber in order to have a chance to become law by the legislative session's end. 

On Monday's calendar, a vote on an immigration bill sponsored by state Sen. Jack Murphy could come. This piece of legislation would require many employers to check the immigration status of new hires, and also authorize police to verify the immigration status of criminal suspects. Murphy;s bill has some similarities with one that passed the House earlier this month.

Also to be considered by House members--a bill that would give seniors more choice on where to live once they need assistance. The legislation would help some seniors live more independently rather than going to nursing homes.

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